• Personal Belongings and Air Transport

    Watch this video and find out all you need to know about shipping your personal belongings by airplane.

    Whether you are planning a family move to another country, an overseas job contract, an international study project, or to ship second-hand goods abroad, at Cargolution the personal belongings transportation service is carried by air only. To prepare your shipment according to the current standards and regulations, please refer to the following:

    The shipping rates for personal belongings depend on their chargeable weight. As the chargeable weight equals the volume of the shipping goods, taking accurate measurements is important.

    How to accurately measure a suitcase?

    Measure the length, width, height (including wheels and handle).
    *Tips: if possible, remove the wheels and lower the handle when taking measurements and during transport.

    personal belongings transport

    Then, apply the following math formula to calculate the chargeable weight of your shipment:
    Length x width x height (in cm) / 6000 = the chargeable weight (in kg).

    Here is the math to perform to find out the chargeable weight of this suitcase:
    50 x 25 x 70 (in cm) = 87 500/ 6000 = 14.58 kg = 15 kg.

    What if your package has an irregular shape?

    1. Once packed, place the object in a corner of a room to take its regular measurements.
    2. Then, measure the irregular side by holding a straight ruler at 90º to the wall.
    3. Use the math formula with your measurements to find out the chargeable

    Chargeable weight VS. actual weight?

    For instance, the actual weight of the surfboard is 2.7 kg. According to the math formula, its chargeable weight is 3 kg. In this case, the chargeable weight is higher than its actual weight. Therefore, the transportation rates will be based on its chargeable weight of 3 kg, instead if its actual of 2.7 kg.

    personal belongings transport measures

    What types of packaging can you use for your air parcel?

    • Cardboard box
    • Plastic or metal container
    • Suitcases and fabric bags

    Dangerous goods

    Some goods are considered dangerous, so they are prohibited from flight in the luggage hold. If they are not excluded, they may compromise your shipment.

    What goods are prohibited by airlines?

    Electronic devices with lithium batteries:
    • Cellphone
    • Laptop
    • Electronic tablet
    • Camera

    Pressurized containers:
    • Aerosols
    • Camping gear

    Flammable liquids:
    • Perfume
    • Essential oils
    • Nail polish
    • Household cleaning products
    • Paint

    Precious goods

    If you are shipping valuable goods, you must declare them.
    If any of the shipped items has a value of $500 or more, you must mention it to your Cargolution specialist. Make sure this item is easily accessible in your package because we must validate its presence before accepting it at our drop-off location.

  • Pay your invoice and the transportation fees

    When and how do I pay my invoice for the transportation of my personal belongings?

    To confirm your transportation request, a deposit of 50% of the total fees will be required in order to open the file. The full payment will be required once the final invoice is provided. Payment can be made by: Canadian credit cards, Interac transfer and back transfer.

  • Transit time

    What will be the transit time for my personal belongings shipment?

    The transit time will depend on the flight and space availability at the time of booking. The number of layovers during the journey can also influence the transit time of your personal belongings.

  • ATA Carnet: Passport for goods

    Find out how the ATA Carnet can simplify the temporary admission of goods abroad.

    What is an ATA Carnet for?

    The ATA Carnet is an international customs document.

    It allows tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import of goods.

    It’s a passport for goods!

    No matter the means of transportation, using an ATA Carnet has many advantages:

    • Accepted by 87 countries around the world.
    • Facilitates the temporary admission of imports abroad.
    • Simplifies customs procedures.
    • Combines all goods in the same customs documentation.
    • Reduces cost for the exporting company.
    • Saves on time in transit area.

    Is the ATA Carnet for you?

    If you are travelling with equipment related to your work, the ATA Carnet is your best option, no matter your field of expertise.

    What are the conditions to meet?

    To be eligible, the merchandise must fit into one of the following categories:

    • Commercial samples
    • Professional equipment
    • Goods for use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions.

    Be aware of restrictions.

    • The admission must be temporary.
    • The goods cannot gain in value.
    • The goods cannot be altered in any way, which includes repairs.
    • If the goods are subject to regulation, using an Ata Carnet does not exclude them.

    How long does an ATA Carnet remain valid?

    • The ATA Carnet is valid for one year.
    • During this period, entries and exits of goods are unlimited.
    • The carnet is a non-renewable document, but a transfer can be requested from the authorities prior to the expiration date.

    The ATA Carnet will soon be digital!

    By downloading the app, it will soon be possible to stay connected to your ATA Carnet anytime and anywhere! No more paperwork! The documentation will be digitized, grouped, and accessible in just a few clicks!

    Don’t wait any longer … contact our ATA Carnet experts today and simplify your transportation forever! Contact us now!

  • Cost of personal belongings transportation

    How much does it cost to ship personal effects abroad?

    There are several factors influencing the price of a shipment.

    In order to advise you on the best logistics option and provide you a price adapted to your needs; you must know at least the following information:

    • The weight of your parcel.
    • Its dimension, which is the length, the width, the height (in centimetres or inches).
    • The destination.
    • The means of transportation you want to use.

    Make sure you have this information handy when contacting us for a quote.