Transport of perishables

The international transport of perishable goods and the temperature-controlled transport of foods can present many challenges when good practices for the shipment of specified food categories are not strictly applied. Companies that use food transport services have a vested interest in availing themselves of a reliable and competent partner.

Taking into account the diversity of perishable goods and regulations specific to each one, our professionals will guide you step by step in choosing the appropriate mode of transport and planning appropriate itineraries to ensure that goods are transported to their destination within prescribed timeframes while rigorously maintaining the cold chain.

Our objective: to help you satisfy the end consumer by ensuring a quality product.

Temperature-controlled transport of food products

Basic conditions for preserving goods during refrigerated transport depend largely on controlling elements such as the nature of the product, the distance to be covered and the maintenance of the cold chain. Whether you are a producer, processor or distributor, Cargolution provides an adapted refrigerated freight service featuring innovative technologies for packaging, handling, routing as well as temperature control and monitoring during the entire journey, thus preserving food safety until the final destination. No matter if you are shipping dairy, wine or delicatessen products, our isothermal and refrigerating solutions fully comply with food hygiene regulations.

Transport of meat

Transport of meat

Our expertise and control of the transport of meat and animal products throughout the world allows us to provide flexible logistics services that meet applicable hygiene regulations so as to eliminate any risk of contamination during handling, transport and storage. All control measures of the international meat transport process are communicated in advance to supply chain stakeholders, and verification of health and shipping documents is rigorously carried out to avoid boarding delays.

We offer a complete range of transport solutions specifically adapted to animal products.

Transport of seafood

seafood, frozen or not. The optimization of transport and logistics operations – from pick-up at the point of embarkation at airports to the destination – makes it possible to add value to fishery products while avoiding unnecessary costs. We will quickly transport fish and shellfish under controlled temperature, fresh or frozen, while providing logistical support focused on punctuality, quality and food safety. Our professionals will guide you on available shipping options, in compliance with best practices on seafood transportation.

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