From the past…

With its military origins dating back to the end of the 17th century, logistics is traditionally related to the organization of operations and the management of all methods and means regarding a department or company, which include the handling, transport, packaging, supply and management of inventory.

… to present day

Logistics today is seen as a way to best provide a service for clients’ needs and expectations, to bring together all activities to ensure the availability of a product or service, and to oversee an optimum management of quantities, schedules and costs.

Transport logistics combines demand planning with the selection of transport routes and modes, and expected results, while respecting the sequencing of tasks.

All of these activities require an expertise and in-depth understanding of the industry. The optimization of transport logistics entails meticulous pre- and post-planning of processes, as well as a performance indicator to assess its effectiveness.

This is where a proven logistics company like Cargolution becomes a vital link, playing a central and critical role in your logistics chain. We can help you design a strategy to optimize your transport logistics is efficient and optimal, significantly reducing your costs.

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