Fine Art & Museum

Shipping works of art, sculptures and artifacts requires a masterful touch. Each transport stage must be carefully evaluated and carried out. Cargolution provides a turnkey service, from taking down works of art to arranging road, air or sea transport to accompanying the works, as well as the packaging and manufacturing of custom crates when necessary. We oversee the supervision of the various steps of the handling, documentation and delivery process so that your shipment arrives safely at the exhibition site.

Individualized transport solutions

This specialized service is designed and developed to meet the specific needs of each client, work of art and transport. Whether you are a Canadian museum or foreign museum, an art gallery, an auction house, a private collector or an independent artist, we can offer you customized logistics solutions.
We benefit from a vast and proven network of global partners specialized in artwork logistics, with high standards of care and excellence in the selection of its members. This enables us to provide our clientele with door-to-door expert service, ensuring a safe delivery.
Cargolution’s reputation in the field is well known: we have provided logistics support to several major Canadian and international exhibitions and have also worked with the major Canadian museums. You can trust Cargolution to transport your unique and irreplaceable works of art in a highly professional manner.

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