Transport – A major undertaking

Transport is an important consideration and key strategic issue to compete in the global marketplace.

All merchandise, regardless of its destination, has to be transported, whether by air, sea, ground, rail or intermodal service, by shipping companies in Canada or abroad. Although this may appear simple, it is actually quite a complex operation. Each transport mode has its own features, advantages and drawbacks. Exporters and importers must be aware of all the ins and outs and steer clear of pitfalls, which can have an impact on their freight costs, delivery deadlines and overall business performance.

Choosing the best possible transport company, mode of transport and route, and complying with document, government, customs, packaging and labelling requirements and standards, are all critical factors that will affect your company’s success and must therefore be carefully considered.

Our mission

As an international freight forwarder and 3PL logistics provider, Cargolution has the task of choosing from among domestic or international transport companies, establishing links between all stakeholders, ensuring continuity and flow of operations, offering highly competitive freight quotes, and administering related services such as customs clearance, insurance and documentation.

Our commitment

Cargolution’s skilled specialists are available to help you make an informed choice from among a multitude of cargo shipping companies, whether for express, regular, national or international service. What’s more, our expertise in international freight services – combined with our large business volume – allow you to benefit from the most competitive freight rates.

When shipping to Canada or abroad, using a freight forwarder can be a very wise choice. We offer a guaranteed, transparent, practical and reliable solution. Moreover, we keep abreast of changes to the worldwide regulatory environment to make sure you are always kept up to date on changes in the industry. Cargolution is committed to offering you unparalleled services and strategies, and takes care to provide you with the options best suited to your needs.

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