Hazardous and Radioactive Materials

Cargolution specializes in the transport of hazardous products. Based on their experience of more than 20 years in the export and import of these materials, our authorized agents are trained in all aspects of hazardous materials regulations for all modes of transport.

An experienced team

Through working with air and road carriers, shipping companies and independent consultants specialized in the transport of hazardous materials, our team of highly seasoned agents is able to respond promptly to all your questions. Our in-depth knowledge of export and import formalities, as well as the regulation of hazardous materials, allows us to safely and quickly deliver your merchandise worldwide.

Nine classes of dangerous goods

We can repackage your goods and prepare the required documents. Moreover, we ensure the transport of all nine classes of dangerous goods, including radioactive materials (Class 7) for all industrial sectors, in accordance with existing hazardous materials regulations.

Put your mind at ease and entrust Cargolution with the transport of your hazardous materials. We will take care of everything so that your products safely reach their destination.

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