Mining Industry

A specialist in mining logistics, Cargolution offers turnkey solutions for:

  • Drilling and sampling companies
  • Earthmoving contractors
  • Mining companies
  • EPC, EPCM and CSE service providers
  • Equipment manufacturers

Our services

  • QHSE and ethical compliance programs
  • Specialized and dedicated personnel
  • Management of accredited providers
  • In-depth knowledge of the local environment
  • Specialized operational planning
  • Bulk transport management
  • High flexibility at each step of the transport chain
    • Pre-feasibility stage, road diagnostics with definitive solutions
    • Transportation engineering with traffic authorization for heavy-load transport

    • Transport-related civil engineering work
    • Customized packaging solutions
    • Customs clearance
    • International transit (air, sea, ground)
    • Air and sea charter
    • Transport of heavy and extra-heavy loads
    • Loading, handling, unloading
    • On-site delivery
    • Hoisting
    • Installation on foundations
    • Auditors (insurance)
    • Complete tracking and locator tools
    • Packing and crating

Pre-feasibility and feasibility stage

Cargolution meets your cost optimization needs by offering you the right solutions and sound advice on everything from shipping schedules to the identification of potential problems.

Our services

  • Route surveys
    • Description of physical condition of infrastructures (bridges, routes, ports)
    • Search for alternatives: itineraries, maximum tonnage or volume capacities
    • Identification of bottlenecks: ports, borders, railway tracks, transshipment points
    • Risk analysis: political, economic, cultural, bureaucratic, physical
    • Identification of strengths and weaknesses: protocols, lists of mine sites, duties and taxes
    • Capacity definition: hoisting, installation, general and exceptional transport

  • Logistics reports
    • Itinerary and traffic analysis
    • Frequency of transport services and transit times
    • Required documents
    • Telecommunication infrastructures
    • Exceptions, exemptions, remission of customs duties, taxes
  • Logistics execution plan
    • Methods, means, management
    • Freight agreements
    • Performance standards
    • Business continuity plans
  • Freight analysis
    • Estimate of total cost of logistics project

Pre-construction stage: location and installation of base

Our services:

  • On-site support services
    • Transport of drilling machines to the site
    • Customs clearance and shipping
    • Services
  • Planning
    • Port operations plan
    • Stevedoring plan
    • Customs protocol – List of customs duty exemptions and exceptions
    • Staff safety requirements
    • Pre-qualification of carrier
    • Maintenance and set-up of specialized transport (trailers, cranes, etc.)
    • QHSE plan
    • Business continuity plans

Active stage: civil infrastructures and construction

Our services:

  • Door-to-door Logistics
    • Overall control of cargo from point of origin to arrival on site
    • Prioritization of equipment lists in order to respect the critical path
    • Preparation of delivery schedules
    • Management of relations among EPC, suppliers and site
    • Implementation of a track and trace system for sharing relevant logistics information
  • On-site materials management
    • Set-up and management of dumping zones
    • Provision of cranes and manpower
    • Garbage disposal

Production stage

Our services:

  • Supply chain logistics
    • Constant replenishment of inventory
    • Inspection, storage, packaging and shipping
    • Inventory management and distribution
    • Use of matrices for inventory management
    • Management of relations between buyers and suppliers
    • Implementation of a track and trace system for sharing relevant logistics information at the pre-feasibility and feasibility stage
  • Supply chain management
    • On-receipt inspection of off-site merchandise
    • Shipping and tracking of orders
    • Impeccable management of supply chain

Why choose Cargolution?

Our worldwide network of mining industry partners, our relations with skilled and proactive local and regional organizations, and our many years of experience in this business sector allow us to offer you outstanding solutions and services tailored to your every need.

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