Project Management and Out of Gage Merchandise

Our project management service for specialized and over-dimensional shipments will provide added value to your business activities. Cargolution strives to offer you operational, user-friendly solutions that deliver high-performance results.

Logistics consulting

Feasibility studies, project objectives, constraints and requirements, time estimates, necessary resources and costs incurred, procedural planning, work execution, project monitoring, tracking and change management make up the core of our logistics consulting services.

A methodical, organized, rigorous and flexible approach is essential for ensuring that your over-dimensional, non-conforming or exceptionally heavy cargo reaches its destination. Our range of logistics services includes the analysis and planning of optimal routes, direction of traffic flows, optimization of vehicle transport and loading plans as well as the complete preparation of documents, handling, coordination of subcontractors, execution and tracking throughout the shipment cycle. 

Contact Cargolution for your over-dimensional projects. Take advantage of our international expertise to ship your cargo, regardless of the volume or weight!

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