The circumstances surrounding an emergency may vary greatly from one company to the next, but elicit the same response from business owners: they all wish they could stop time!

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be faced with situations in which regular shipping times do not fit your needs.

Cargolution is ready to respond methodically and efficiently and use all the necessary resources to select the most appropriate and exclusive emergency ground transport or air transport (including charter) for your urgent shipment.

24/7 customized solutions

Our highly versatile team can handle any type of emergency 24/7:

  • Aerospace sector: AOG – Aircraft on Ground

  • Entertainment: stage equipment for shows, equipment for trade shows and exhibitions

  • Unexpected event: equipment failure, delivery of tender documents, delay in production or at one of your suppliers

All these events can disrupt your business and affect your company’s performance. You need a reliable partner who knows how to take charge of the situation and implement immediate and effective solutions, such as the guaranteed express service, via an exclusive ground transport, the chartering of an aircraft or the Hand Carry option (item accompanied by a passenger).

Our sole objective is to meet your requirements and ensure the smooth delivery of your shipment so as to avoid any incident that may prevent it from reaching its destination.

In case of emergency at any time, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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