Why are documents required?

Documents are an integral part of all modes of transport. They reflect our instructions and specify the terms and conditions of our contracts. They protect you and your client, as well as all stakeholders, represent you when dealing with the authorities concerned and identify your merchandise. They are used throughout the transport process, whether during pick-up or delivery, at customs, en route or when finalizing your payments. They must comply with international regulations, your INCOTERM and, above all, serve as official declaration for all concerned parties.

It is therefore very important to take the time to properly complete your documentation.

We can help you

Cargolution has the necessary experience and training to draw up each of the following documents:

  • commercial invoice

  • packing list

  • certificate of origin

  • export declaration

  • VGM

  • any document related to the letter of credit or documentary letter of credit

  • any document specifying the nature of your product or country of destination (FDA Prior Notice, BSC/ECTN and FCC forms, textile declaration, ATA carnet)

We will inform you of the documents required to ensure that your shipment arrives smoothly and verify that your documentation is accurate.

As we are responsible for issuing some of these forms, we will be happy to help you submit, finalize or verify your own.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the documents required to ensure problem-free shipping of your merchandise.

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