Cargolution offers you professional transport solutions that comply with guidelines for good distribution practices (GDP). Through standard operating procedures and training programs, Cargolution provides its employees with critical knowledge about GDP requirements. As a result, our team members have a very solid understanding of key legislation in force around the world, such as GUI-0069 and GUI-0001 guidelines, European Union, WHO and IPEN Europe guidelines, USD 1079 and USP 1083, and chapter 17 of IATA standards.

This expertise allows us to offer a full array of transport and packaging services that respect the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain from your door to your customer’s door. What’s more, we are well aware of the challenge involved in shipping products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

More specifically, we provide:

  • a guaranteed air express service for a wide range of temperatures, from frozen (-70˚C to -20˚C) to refrigerated (2-8˚C) and ambient (15-25˚C), using all available logistical means

  • active and passive temperature control equipment, including Envirotainer and Va-Q-Tec containers, and data loggers

  • specific packaging solutions that meet your product’s particular safeguards and controls

  • assistance in packaging, labelling and handling cooling elements, such as dry ice, pouches or ice packs

  • appropriate packaging for your shipment so that it respects the cold chain until delivery

  • refrigerated options for sea or ground shipments when the quantity and nature of your product require a longer transit period

No matter the situation, Cargolution makes sure your pharmaceutical products are transported legally, safely and with transparency! We are fully committed to respecting pharmaceutical industry constraints and standards using a variety of affordable, cutting-edge options.

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