When the Showbiz industry even transports airplanes

By Geneviève Cournoyer-Scalise November 10 2020

Cargolution is not only an international freight forwarder, but also a specialist in transport and logistics for the showbiz industry. As artists are very creative, their demands constantly push us to new challenges and to surpass ourselves. Our team of experts specialized in live shows and events has recently assisted the transport of a unique and very special aircraft, the CUB, dedicated to stunts and aerial pirouettes.

This brand-new show that will take place in the European sky and travel through different events over a tour of one year, which will take off next summer in France. For now, nothing has been compromised despite the current lockdown measures in place on the old continent.

As this is an extraordinary aircraft, designed to fly only at low altitude and built without a pressurized cabin, it was impossible for the owner and pilot to reach overseas without the support of a specialized freight forwarder worthy of trust. And, once again, Cargolution has been able to work its magic!

Disassembled by the owner, the aircraft was placed inside a container with multiple anchor points to ensure secure stowage throughout transportation.

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Currently travelling on a ship, the container will arrive at the port of Le Havre in France this week. Equipped with an ATA Carnet to ensure efficient port customs clearance, the cargo will be recovered quickly by its owner as soon as the ship will be unloaded, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

The entertainment industry is still cautious about organizing large-scale events given to the global pandemic that is still in full swing. Many new productions have been put on hold indefinitely. Thus, many of them are currently busy making a crucial decision: should they store their performing equipment abroad while waiting for a gradual restart of the showbusiness industry, or should they repatriate their equipment at their home base?

If you are grappling with this delicate situation, Cargolution can help you to make a decision and support you in the process. If you have road cases (including lighting, multimedia and electronic equipment, sets, costumes or any other kind of equipment necessary for the production of your show), Cargolution offers different storage solutions abroad thanks to its vast network of specialized agents located internationally. We can also take care of your equipment abroad that is temporary entry status needs to be extended or will expire soon. Our personalized door-to-door service promises you peace of mind.

Despite all this upheaval, many productions are already planning their schedules and concretizing their projection for 2021. We can therefore hope for a near-normal recovery for the entertainment industry by next summer, according to the most optimistic predictions. Until then, artists around the globe are eagerly waiting for the green light to resume their activities and pursue one of the world’s most rewarding professions: wowing crowds!

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