The Port of Montreal aspires to become the “Smart Port of North America” thanks to CargO2ai

By Geneviève Cournoyer-Scalise November 16 2020

The Port of Montreal has acquired an innovative cargo handling system to better prioritize the containers that pass through its port facilities … thousands of them every day.

Implemented specifically in response to the increase in demand since the pandemic began, the new CargO2ai system is fully computerized in addition to being enhanced by artificial intelligence. As a result, it is now possible to quickly and efficiently locate containers that include priority goods in their cargoes such as medicines, medical equipment, and food.

Given the current context of a global pandemic, the transport and logistics industry is facing extraordinary challenges. The objectives of this project are to offer adequate support to first responders working in the health sector, ensure better access to the resources dedicated to consumers, and avoid delays that can result in stock shortages in the supply chain of essential goods.

“By aligning solidarity, fluidity, and logistical efficiency, Greater Montreal’s supply chain can make a difference in the fight against the pandemic’s impacts. The Port of Montreal is proud to contribute to this innovative project that speeds up supply chain fluidity and facilitates the movement of products that are vital to combat COVID-19,” announced Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority. 1

Thanks to algorithms and artificial intelligence, tons of data from shipping documents are collected to be processed, analyzed, and regrouped by the computerized system to facilitate decision-making, even before the docking of ships carrying goods. Thus, the CargO2ai system optimizes real-time communication with actors in the industry about the industrial port facilities accessibility according to resource availability and established priorities. However, to reach the full potential of the operational system, it is essential that all stakeholders in the logistics chain adhere to it.

At the official launch of its new smart tool, the Port of Montreal and project collaborators invited trucking companies, freight forwarders and logistics companies, shipping lines, charterers, and operators to join the initiative. It is “a collective effort for the health and safety of all,” according to the Port of Montreal administration. To learn more about CargO2ai or to join the project, visit the Port of Montreal website.

Cargolution welcomes this initiative with open arms as it allows us to better support our customers who are working tirelessly to fight the virus that has imposed itself in our lives without invitation. We cannot predict whether the Port of Montreal will live up to its ambitions in the coming years, but once the whole pandemic is behind us, we hope that the implementation of this smart system will serve our entire industry. Until then, the supply chain can count on a new ally to deal with this unprecedented public health situation.

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