By Mélanie Lepage April 10 2019

Did you know ?

Cargolution is one of the few freight forwarders in Canada that have specialized in the transportation of personal belongings.

Thanks to their logistics experience and expertise in this unique sector, they are aware of the importance of what this transportation represents for you and are always available to advise you on the best choice for your needs.

The personal effects team is able to:

– answer your questions
– instruct you on various regulations
– alert you to the restrictions of goods on board an aircraft
– guide you through the Canadian or international customs clearance process

Since our inception, we have formed a team dedicated to the service of individuals who will take the time to understand your concerns so that you can travel worry free.

We will make sure to:

– offer you a competitive price
– take care of the necessary documentation
– regular follow-up with the carriers
– communicate with our foreign partners (when this service is required)
– keep you informed at all times of the status of your shipment

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with them to obtain additional information, but especially for your specific situation.

You can reach our team by phone at 514-636-2576 or by email at the following address: nicolas@cargolution.com.

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