Mining Industry: Rely on a Specialized Freight Forwarder

By Geneviève Cournoyer-Scalise October 08 2020

Canada is an inveterate leader in the global mining industry. Transportation and logistics companies are partly responsible for Canada’s success in this activity sector. The mining industry is not limited to extraction activities. Long before this phase, there is all the logistical planning to organize on the ground, plus the transport coordination of material, machinery, food supplies, and staff.

As part of a mining project, the flow of resources takes place in a specific sequence according to the deadlines provided at each stage; this is a complex operation if it takes place in a country where the infrastructure is rudimentary or not adequate to accommodate heavy equipment. Considering that the cost of transport and logistics corresponds to approximately 25% of the total costs of a project, it is better to rely on a specialized freight forwarder to avoid unpleasant surprises that risk slowing down the supply chain and thus cause financial losses.

For those in the mining industry, working with an international freight forwarder like Cargolution means more than hiring the services of a transporter. Predominantly, it’s dealing with a partner who will support you throughout your project, from the pre-feasibility study to the exploration phase, to the infrastructure construction and the ore movement.

Whether you are a mining company, a manufacturer or a supplier, Cargolution will take care of all your transportation and logistics needs. A custom plan, tailor-made for your business, will allow you to practice lean management of your project while we take care of the details, without charging the astronomical costs that large firms do. Of course, an emergency plan will also be drawn up to leave nothing to chance.

Cargolution is positioned as a mid-size player in the mining sector. Our mandate is to support and contribute to the expansion of our Canadian businesses and to make them grow and evolve on the international scene. Our mining experts will take the time to educate you on the steps to follow when approaching a new market, the complexities of transport and logistics regulations, and customs clearance formalities.

“I have seen a small company grow big within 4–5 years. Even today, the president of this company will call me and ask me for advice before making a decision. He uses our expertise to educate himself before embarking in a new market. Now, I am somewhat like a consulting tool for his company while being part of his decision-making circle, which is not common in the market.

That’s what I love about this job!”

— Mario Roy, Mining Logistics, Cargolution.
Over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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Cargolution fills an obvious need to ensure a commercial link between small businesses and large industries. If an SME that produces drilling equipment wants to contact a mining company in a foreign market for the first time, it will need actors to create a link between them and the big mining company and thus, promote their services. This is how we can make a huge difference. Mining is a unique industry where the same players revolve around the same sector of activities, and it is difficult to step into the dance without the collaboration of an already established and respected transportation and logistics company.

Over time, we have been able to develop a trusting relationship with other international freight forwarders. By working together, we increase the scope of our service offerings on a larger scale, allowing us to stand out with competitive prices for our clients. Providing the opportunity to do business with different freight forwarders profits the entire industry as everyone benefits from each other’s strengths, which will contribute to a project’s progress and success.

Would you like to know how Cargolution can contribute to your business achievement? Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Contact our team of experts specialized in the mining industry now.

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