Luna is moving to the UK

By Geneviève Cournoyer-Scalise July 13 2020

Luna and her owner Lauren moved to the UK from Canada last week, for this very reason they put their trust in Cargolution to coordinate Luna’s transportation. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 flight restrictions to the UK, Luna could not travel with Lauren in the cabin section or as extra luggage. Since the beginning of this global pandemic, animals travelling to the UK can only travel in the cargo section and needs to be handled by an accredited IPATA freight forwarder. Good news, we are a proud IPATA member!

After several weeks of communication and preparation with Lauren for Luna’s travel, the flight date arrived! Our team member was happy to finally meet Luna and Lauren in person and take possession of Luna before starting the onboarding process at the airline terminal. Luna had plenty of time to play outside, stretch her legs and release herself before traveling to London. Luna arrived at Heathrow Airport (LHR) last Thursday morning in perfect shape, and most importantly, Luna was very pleased to see Lauren at destination!

Are you planning to move or a trip abroad with your pet? Cargolution is THE solution in matter of live animals transportation. Do like Lauren and Luna, contact our great team now and learn more about flight regulations and restrictions prior to your trip. Our personalized services will fulfill your lovely pet and your expectations as well! At arrival, smiles and little kisses are guaranteed!

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