Transport of live animals

Whether it’s for a move, a commercial sale or simply to enjoy an outdoor sports trip, transporting a pet or livestock can become very stressful if travel time increases. We do our utmost to ensure optimal transport conditions are met to safeguard your animal’s well-being. Our live animal transport logistics services are geared toward individuals and breeders wishing to ship their animals in compliance with standards in a safe and healthy environment. Together with health authorities and transporters, our agents coordinate all transportation stages to provide the best possible comfort at very competitive prices.

Transport of domestic animals

Pet owners enjoy a special bond with their four-legged friends, so it is only natural they insist on extremely careful planning when arranging the transport of their puppies, dogs, cats or other pets. From booking space aboard flights and choosing an approved cage to preparing necessary documents and certificates, our experts can advise you on the right shipping solution for these small, sensitive beings.

Transport of horses

To reduce the inconvenience and stress inherent in transport and allow horses to make a full and rapid recovery, breeders and stables will definitely opt for our logistics services adapted to equine transport. The technical skills and field experience of our equine logistics professionals ensure implementation of all shipping phases: stall manufacture; reservations; regulatory compliance with approvals and authorizations necessary for transporting horses; coordination of veterinary inspections; accompaniment and monitoring of animal welfare during the journey from the point of embarkation to pick-up by the recipient.

Transport of cattle, pigs and goats

Breeders, farmers and traders can count on our agents’ expertise to organize international air and maritime transport of cattle, pigs or goats in compliance with existing regulations. As trade in cows and other large animals continues to increase to all destinations, international transport services must apply best practices when loading and unloading livestock, taking into account water and food supplies, rest time, containment space, temperature control and ventilation and species segregation. Our logistics professionals thoroughly analyze care and handling details when transporting bovines and other livestock abroad so as to ensure their welfare and safety in accordance with prescribed standards.

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