Fraud alert!

By Madalina Ilies August 24 2022

Recently, Cargolution has been a target of attempts at fraudulent transactions originating from individuals claiming to be a Cargolution contact for the shipment of live animals. These attempts using Cargolution’s name have not been successful as our clients were sufficiently vigilant to avoid being victimized.

Please continue to be alert to such fraudulent attempts which can be recognized when they originate from any email address other than one sent from “”.

If in doubt, keep the following in mind:

  1. Cargolution does not do business with its clients via Facebook or LinkedIn or any other form of social media.
  2. Cargolution will never ask clients to pay with gift cards.
  3. Cargolution always provides clients with a company invoice with all charges outlined before accepting payment.

Please communicate immediately with Cargolution to avoid being a victim of fraud.

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