• Flight restriction due to Covid-19

    Due to Covid-19, certain air transportation restrictions between Canada and the United States are still in effect regarding live animal transportation.

    There is no flight available for the transport of live animals between the two countries until further notice. (March 2021)

  • Air Transport and Pets

    Before travelling abroad with your pet, you must ensure that the travel crate meets the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Otherwise, airlines have the right to refuse the transport of your animal. Watch the video to learn more.

    Airlines Kennel Requirements

    • Solid roof.
    • Secure door locks.
    • Clean, leak-proof, and containing absorbant material.
    • Affixed food and water containers.
    • Must have ventilation openings on all four sides.
    • Must be a two-part container made of rigid plastic
    • Hardware complete and installed.
    • Handling labels.
    • No wheels.

    In addition, to ensure that the travel kennel is well suited to the size of your animal, you must take its measurements properly.

    A = Length: The distance between the muzzle and the base of the tail.

    B = Height: The distance between the ground and the highest point of the animal.

    C = Width: The widest dimension of the animal.

    A x B (+ 3 inches of free space between the head and the roof) x C = the kennel size.

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