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By Geneviève Cournoyer-Scalise October 16 2020

Just like each work of art is unique, so too are their transportation needs! At Cargolution, we are proud to offer a personalized service adapted to our customers’ demands. Whether you are a well-known museum, an art gallery, a private collector, an auction house, an estate manager, an artist, or a devotee of corporate artwork rentals, Cargolution is sure to meet your expectations with our uncompromising attention to detail. From the pick-up location to the destination, your fine artwork will be in good hands, thanks to our team of experts and our network of highly qualified professional partners who are committed and involved, both domestically and abroad.

As fine art transportation is a meticulous procedure, we leave absolutely nothing to chance. Good planning is the key to success in order to meet delivery deadlines. Whether you choose an à la carte service or a turnkey service, you can be assured that our team will take great care in handling your valuables at every step of their journey: unhooking, packaging, crating, transportation to the nearest airport or port, customs clearance and screening procedures, supervision, follow-up with agents at the destination, and final delivery. Also, you can count on our itinerary report to provide complete transparency in keeping you informed as we will send you email follow-ups, including photos or short videos of your shipment on its way.

Considering Supervision Operation Services

Some steps during handling can be complex and involve delicate procedures. At Cargolution, we know that having a qualified person in the field is reassuring and improves the customer experience. Regardless of the sentimental or a monetary value of your fine art, the advantages of supervision operation services are substantial and make it a wise choice. Our supervisor deployed in the field will coordinate every single step of the handling process; from the arrival of the artwork, the customs and security process, to the stowage procedure upon boarding. Moreover, the presence of a security guard is also possible upon prior request. Note that a supervision operation can be conducted at the departure location or upon the work of art’s arrival at the destination.

Ready to Face Any Contingencies

What if it were possible to anticipate the unexpected? At Cargolution we believe in developing an emergency plan, not only to be reactive, but to be proactive when an unforeseen event arises. “In the event of a flight delay, mechanical problem or bad weather, we are prepared to face any contingencies,” says Lisa Morel, Logistics Specialist in Fine Art, at Cargolution. “Although these are unusual cases, and I would say extremely rare in our profession, an emergency plan drawn up with the airline personnel will be executed as quickly as possible, and the material will be recovered and secured very quickly,” explains Ms. Morel who has more than 15 years of experience in transporting works of art. Discussing a contingency plan with our customers is another way to be prepared in the event of an incident. No one can be completely safe from water damage, fire or acts of vandalism. Knowing that works of art are invaluable assets, logistics solutions can be deployed in just a few hours and emergency storage service is always available to customers in need. Our Cargolution specialists are available and reachable 24/7. Whatever challenges you may be facing, we are ready to support you, regardless the size of the crisis to be handled.

Personalized Service According to Your Needs

Directeur de projet logistique
Lisa Morel
Logistics Specialist in Fine Art, Cargolution 

Cargolution’s reputation in fine art transportation is acknowledged around the world. In addition to providing access to fully bilingual experts, our customer service is focused and targeted on our customers’ needs, which allows us to tailor our quotes and offer a very appealing rate compared to our competitors. As we are a medium-sized freight forwarding company that works in collaboration with a multitude of renowned partners in the artistic community, we are able to offer a fast, reliable and high-quality service at a fair price, which is a financial advantage for our customers. When a transportation request does not require special handling or the presence of a specialized employee, our price will always be adjusted accordingly. “If a customer is sending a spool of thread for haute couture to Europe, there is minimal risk of it being damaged, so we can look at different options together. Listening to customer needs, adapting our quotation in order to offer the best service, at the best possible price, while honouring the deadlines established by the customer, this is the secret of our success at Cargolution!” adds Ms. Morel enthusiastically.

Our knowledge of the domestic market and our international expertise make Cargolution a top choice to handle all your Fine Art and Museum transportation needs. Over the years, we have worked in collaboration with major exhibitions and have gained the trust of major museums. Choose not only a specialized freight forwarder … rely on Cargolution’s know-how!

If you have questions, a project in mind, or you would like to get a quote, contact our Fine Art experts now!

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