A brand new Canadian Export Reporting System

By Geneviève Cournoyer-Scalise September 29 2020

As of September 30, the Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED) program will be officially replaced by the new Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS).

Designed to facilitate exporters’ declarations and provide more flexibility, the CERS includes the same data requirements as the CAED program. A transition period for the two platforms is already underway. According to Canada Border Services Agency, the CERS Portal provides many benefits to the exporting community such as:

  • Online Portal (no software download required)
  • Secure transmission of export declarations and summary reports to CBSA
  • Similar registration process and functionalities to the eManifest portal
  • Data validation prior to export declaration submission
  • Access to declaration submission history
  • Online help and reference material

This web-based solution has already been implemented by the government and allows the transfer of information to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) electronically. It is now easier for Canadian exporters to submit their export declarations, their Summary Reporting Program (SRP) reports, and their bulk data for upload. Going forward, the B13A Export Declaration Form, required by CBSA, can now be completed automatically using the web portal. This therefore means the end of paper forms for Canadian exports.

Transfer to the new portal

If you are already an active CAED user, you have been given an activation ID by the CERS to register on the new portal. In this case, all your export declarations submitted since December 1, 2017 using CAED or SRP have been migrated to CERS. However, if you have not used the CAED or SRP programs before, you need to follow the Registration process for new exporters to access the CERS portal. Once an exporter has migrated to the new CERS portal, it is imperative to stop using the old CAED program, otherwise you may encounter complications during the transition period.

Proof of report numbers

No proof of report number will be generated by the CERS until the export declaration is submitted. If you are dealing with exporting carriers, they may obtain a proof of report number before it is submitted to CBSA. To obtain a unique carrier-assigned code and to avoid transit delays for your shipments, here is some information on the proof of report requirements for exporters and carriers, and how to proceed with full compliance.

Services and more information about the CERS

Be prepared, the old CAED program will be obsolete and will be withdrawn by the end of this month. To learn more about the Electronic reporting system for Canadian exporters, visit the Government of Canada website to ensure an efficient transition.

Any questions about import and export declaration formalities? Don’t hesitate to contact your transport and logistics specialist at Cargolution.

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